Year 6 Viking Day

Last week year 6 were treated to a fantastic day devoted to all things Viking. Wearing traditional costumes and face paint, the excellent ‘Living History’ company gave the children a real flavour of Viking life. Pupils participated in a variety of workshops, including; clay pot making, wool spinning, corn grinding, herbal remedy making, jewellery making, artefact analysis, as well as typical Viking game playing. And that was just the morning!

For the afternoon, a winter Viking feast was on offer, with many children bravely sampling food they hadn’t tasted before, such as rabbit stew, goat’s cheese and yellow peas. This was followed by story-telling and a knuckle stone tournament, where Selahudeen from Kestrels prevailed. Well done Selahudeen! The day ended with a lively (and pretty noisy) fun battle between the two classes. Amongst the laughter it was hard to tell who won, but one thing for certain was that fun (as well as learning) was had by all.