East Stour School Choir

On Wednesday 5th July 2017, our East Stour School Choir, accompanied by Miss White, Mrs. Hobbs-Coulson and Mrs. Townsend, attended the Summer Concert Cats Collaborative Choir at St Mary the Virgin Church in town.

This was the first of hopefully many more concerts. Over the past few months the children have had the opportunity to work with a professional Choir Leader, Josh Cadman from Sing Academy, London. Josh taught the children a range of songs which include a range of vocal techniques, but most importantly the enjoyment of singing and working together.

The CATs Choir consists of children from years 2-6 from seven schools who are part of the CATs collaboration. After the rehearsals came the Grand Performance, and Wow what a performance it was. We have had lots of positive feedback to say just how fantastic our children were, and also how very smart they all looked. You’ll notice from the pictures all of the children, and staff were sporting new “East Stour Choir” tops, kindly supplied by our amazing PTA.

Songs included One of a Kind, Lil Liza Jane, Kokoleoko, Fix You, and the East Stour Solo was Drop in the Ocean.

Mrs. Law, also attended the Final Performance and afterwards remarked on how very proud she was of all of the children, especially our “East Stour Children”, and how they all stood out looking very smart and gave it their best.