Out of School Care

Breakfast Club

As part of our commitment to the local community, we run a Breakfast Club.  This facility is open to any child that attends East Stour Primary School however, you do need to complete a form as we currently have a waiting list.

The Breakfast Club starts each morning at 8.00am until 8.40am.  Entrance is through the small gate in the large playground and into the hall.  The gate closes 8.15am. Please ensure your child(ren) arrive between 8.00 and 8.15 am.

Each child has the choice of toast, cereal, yoghurts, fruit juice or milk at the cost of £1 per child.  Payment is required either on the day or in advance.

The children will have the opportunity to do homework, drawing, reading and playing ball games, etc.  They will pack up at 8.40am in readiness for morning registration.

We follow the same rules for behaviour as set out in the school policy; any unacceptable behaviour will be shared with both Mrs Steward and the parents/carers of the child in question. If the behaviour continues to deteriorate then the child will be excluded from Breakfast Club until the end of the term, parents/carers will be given advance notification of this.

  1. Breakfast Club Form only
  2. Breakfast Club Policy